A La Carte

Wheel Services

Brake Services

Stop on a Dime!

Service *Price
Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brake, 1 set 25
Install Disc Brakes, ea. 25
Install V/Canti Brake, ea. 20
Install Brake Cable & Housing & Adjust 15
Replace Brake Pads and Adjust 15
Adjust V/Canti Brake, ea. 10
Overhaul V-Brake, XTR Bearings ea. 10
Overhaul V-Brake, non XTR ea. 5

*parts extra, price quoted includes 20% discount on parts purchased at AJ's.

Wheel Services

Miscellaneous Services

We've got you covered!

Service *Price
E-Bay Fee 100
Bicycle Demo Fee, 3 Bikes 90
Bicycle Demo Fee, 2 Bikes 70
Hourly Labor Rate 55
Bicycle Demo Fee, 1 Bike 45
Box Bicycle for Shipping 30
Assemble Automotive Bicycle Carrier 25
Install Fender Set 25
Travel Case Rental, each day 25
Wheel Set Demo, Mavic Tubeless (when available) 25
Install/Set-up Bicycle Computer 15
Install Basket 10
Install Bicycle Rear Rack 10
Misc Labor-Not Identified Elsewhere 10
Wash Service 10
Warranty Processing, Shipping and Handling 10
Minimum Labor Charge 5
*parts extra, price quoted includes 20% discount on parts purchased at AJ's.
Wheel Services

Wheel Services

Keep Them Round and Fast!

Custom Wheel Build - UST 50
Custom Wheel Build 40
Spoke Replacement, Truing - Disc Wheel 25
Overhaul Rear Hub 20
Spoke Replacement, Retensioning & Truing 20
Major Wheel Truing 18
Overhaul Front Hub 18
Tube Replacement – 20mm/DH 15
Tube Replacement – 3 spd/Nexxus 12
Adjust Rear Hub 10
Custom Cut Spokes - per wheel 10
Minor Wheel True - w/o Tire Removal 10
Tube Replacement – Coaster Brake 10
*parts extra, price quoted includes 20% discount on parts purchased at AJ's
Drivetrain Services

Drivetrain Services

Silky Smooth and Responive to You!


Service *Price
Install set of 4 Brake/Derailleur Cables & Housing 50
Install Chainguide System-Custom Mod. extra 45
Clean and Lube Drive Train 30
Overhaul Non-Cartridge BB 25
Clean Crankset 20
Install New Drive Train 20
Overhaul Rear Derailleur 20
Replace BB 20
Clean and Regrease Cartridge BB 18
Install Derailleur 15
Install Derailleur Cable/Housing, ea. 15
Adjust Non-Cartridge BB 12
Derailleur Adjustment 12
Clean Cassette 10
Clean Chain 10
Install Crankset 10
Replace Derailleur Hanger 10
Replace Derailleur Pulleys 10
Align Derailleur Hanger 7
Install Cassette/Freewheel 5
Install Chain 5

*parts extra, price quoted includes 20% discount on parts purchased at AJ's

Frame Services

Suspension Services

Soak up all central Texas has to offer! Get it tuned then get it dirty!

Service *Price

Overhaul/Custom Tune Talas Fork


Overhaul/Custom Tune DH Fork


Oil Bath Fork - Oil Change & Clean


Install Suspension Fork


Non Oil Bath Fork – Clean & Lube


Replace Float Air Seal Kit


Replace Bushings, Fork lowers only


Clean & Lube Float Air Sleeve


Replace Oil Seals, no disassembly of fork


Replace Rear Shock Bushings, including removal


*parts extra, price quoted includes 20% labor discount with purchase or parts at AJ's

Frame Services

Frame Services

Frame Prepping and Services for the Season!


Service *Price
Overhaul Full Suspension Frame Pivots 50
Face Disc Brake Tabs-each 20
Face Headset or BB 15
Ream Seat Tube 15
Clean & Chase BB Threads 10
*pricing is on bare frame only, component removal extra
Masi 3VC Dura Ace

Total Care

Great packages for any bike!



Build Bicycle-Custom Mnt Disc Brake Quote
Complete Bicycle Overhaul 250
Build Bicycle-Custom Rim Brake Quote
Build Bicycle-Boxed Mnt Disc Brake 130
CompleteTune-up with Bearing Overhauls 120
Build Bicycle-Boxed Rim Brake 100
Complete Tune-up w cable/housing replacements 100
Re-assemble Boxed Bicycle with Tune-up 65
Complete Tune-up 60
Minor Tune-up 35
Re-assemble Boxed Bicycle w/o Tune-up 25
Bicycle Safety Check, Air Tires, Lubricate Chain 20
*parts extra