New Location

14th Sep 2020

Great opportunity to grow and continue to serve Central Texas, in a new location.  This will support expanded hours and a one stop shop for all your favorite and needed accessories, bikes and ser … read more

27.5 Mountain Bikes for Everyone

24th Sep 2013

AJ's carries 4 lines of mountian bikes and everyone of them has a 27.5 inch platform. From Marin, Scott, Fuji and Haro you have the right build and price to be a part of the future of MTB.  No ot … read more

Your Newest Bike

19th Jul 2013

When is a Deal not a Deal? Spring is here and it is nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, happy faces and great stories from cyclists around the city and on the trails. Then why are th … read more

Play it Safe in Traffic

16th Jul 2013

I think that most cyclists can benefit from maintaining the same mindset on their bike that they have as a pedestrian  when interacting with cars. More than anything else I feel th … read more