Your Newest Bike

20th Jul 2013

When is a Deal not a Deal?

Spring is here and it is nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, happy faces and great stories from cyclists around the city and on the trails. Then why are there so many "deals" out there in the used bike spectrum? "Hardly ridden", "good as new", "only used once", the list goes on and on. Why did those people not enjoy this great sport longer than a season, a month, a ride? Will you be the next candidate to put your bike on a billboard for sale? Let’s hope not, cycling is something for young and old and is a great aerobic activity that keeps us young.

Correct bike fit is the biggest issue with not enjoying the outdoors. "I got a great deal on this bike, it was 30% off!." Rarely do you get "I went in, asked questions, test rode bikes and found one that supports my interests in my size. Oh by the way it was on sale!". The great price up front only lasts a while, a bike that does not fit you or a lifestyle remains forever. If the person helping you find your next bike does not ask you questions to help support your needs, finds a bike that fits and then helps you find one in your price range, move onto another store. These days finding and purchasing a bike seems to take as long as buying a car, there are a lot of choices out there!

Advice: take your time, write down why you want a bike and convey that message when purchasing. Not only will you narrow down the multitude of options, this will help your local bike shop find your perfect ride.

Remember: The bitterness of poor bike choice will linger long after the sweetness of a deal is forgotten.